6 tips to declutter your student accommodation this New Year

Looking for ways to declutter your student accommodation this year? It could be one of your New Year  New Me’ things?

Most people make New Year’s Resolutions of some kind. Even if it’s just that fateful ‘never again’ vow if you overindulged at festive parties.

Gym memberships spike dramatically in January, as do enrolments at slimming clubs. (Incidentally, there’s a strong suggestion that leisure companies rely on this influx of cash, and the fact that many intentions lead to little or no action. It’s like free money for them!)

It would be far more sensible for penny-strapped students to make improvements closer to ‘home’. You could use the start of a fresh year to declutter and clean your living space.

Declutter your student accommodation or is living in mess normal student life?

Some students feel living in squalor is part of the experience. Or, they have way too little time to worry about keeping their room or communal space tidy. Although you may wish to declutter your student accommodation, the stress of starting can be overwhelming.

How does a messy room affect you? Well for starters, lurking underneath that clutter could be genuine health hazards! Even if you don’t have rotten food substances and dirty dishes, there could be things like damp towels and dirty clothing putting bacteria into your air. The debris around you could also be helping to fester and grow mould around your room! Yuk!

Even if you can attest to good hygiene in your living area, having a room packed to the ceiling with books, boxes and other stuff can still be a problem. Having a messy and full room prevents air circulating and could be blocking natural light.

You may need to consider how does a messy room affect you mentally. Are you constantly niggled by the feeling you should tidy up? Or, are you fed up with having to move things and hunt down misplaced items?

How to declutter your student accommodation?

Here are 6 tips that will save you!

You definitely don’t need that sort of grief if you are approaching exam season. So, let’s look at some simple decluttering tips for students. Here are 6 essential pointers to help you start that painful task of clearing up your student pad and starting this year with fresh and tidy student accommodation.

1. Cull the clutter down

Be brutal! Take a good look around your personal space and any communal areas you use.

How much stuff could you get rid of? If you haven’t worn or used something for more than a month, what’s the point of keeping hold of it? Do you need all those books and broken or redundant electronics?

2. Declutter your student accommodation by segregating your stuff

One of the best decluttering tips 2020 could make you money! Once you have taken a long hard look at your belongings, you could segregate them into four piles.

One is ‘things to keep’. Two is ‘sell’. Three is’donate’ (charity shops are always grateful). Four is ‘bin’.

Of course, you may also need a fifth pile, for ‘return to the owner’!

3. Find selling opportunities

Any items with a sale value – like clothes, equipment or study books – could be listed on your college or university digital noticeboards. Plus, if they are of general interest, consider things like local Facebook selling sites, Depop or eBay.

Taking some time out to sort and post sellable items could put cash in your pocket.

4. Declutter your student accommodation by making a space plan!

Decluttering your bedroom, shared kitchen or other communal space could mean not getting rid of much stuff at all. So, the best tip for tidier student accommodation could be to think things through.

Could the layout of your living space be improved to create more storage and a logical layout?

Many companies use FIFO for food safety and other storage. It stands for First In First Out. Could your fridge, cupboard and bathroom cabinet contents benefit for putting time-sensitive stuff at the front, and new items at the back?

5. Get organised, cheaply

One of the best ways to tidy student accommodation is to invest in a few storage boxes from DIY shops. This is because they are a handy way to make your clutter more manageable. Some stores sell inexpensive plastic draws and other ‘desk tidy’ items which will get you better organised too.

Also, a new set of drawers from a secondhand shop doesn’t have to cost much. Though plastic boxes are great for transporting your stuff too.

If your plan to get organised involves getting ready to take your worldly goods somewhere after your final exams, make sure you book a deep clean for your student digs well in advance.

6. Declutter your student accommodation by keeping on top of it!

Like gym memberships, having a tidy, clean room is not just for January!

Once you have segregated, culled and sorted your stuff, give every surface a thorough clean.

Then, make sure you get a regular clean-up for your student accommodation.

The joy is, this doesn’t have to mean you putting on the marigolds! Crystal Facilities Management Services clean thousands of student digs every week. So, if you are a student accommodation provider who is looking to deep clean your student rooms,  give us a call and we can help you (and your students)  live in a far fresher, more pleasant ‘environment’ in 2020.

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