6 Ways To Create A More Productive Office Space

It is important for everyone to work in a space where they can be productive. Mess and clutter can get in the way and make it difficult for people to concentrate. Finding ways to have a more productive office space is crucial to ensuring a more happy and focused workforce.

A study conducted at The Princeton University Neuroscience Institute used fMRI and other techniques to prove that our brains like order and that constant visual reminder of disorganization drains our cognitive capacity and makes it harder to focus on tasks. They also found that when clutter was cleared from the work environment, participants were better able to focus and process information, increasing their productivity.

Following these six tips, you can create a productive office space, with fewer distractions.

First tip to creating a more productive office space -Create a workstation that is ergonomic

To create an ergonomic workspace, you need to make sure that you are comfortable. Ensure that you have a chair that supports your back and your desk is at an appropriate height for your keyboard. Being physically comfortable at work can help to increase efficiency tenfold.

Using the correct mouse and aligning your monitor to suit you will further help your physicality. It enables you to work without putting any strain on your neck, eyes, wrists, and hands. An ergonomic workspace doesn’t only improve your productivity but can help you look after your body, reducing stress and strain. Listen to your body and make sure you are comfortable to avoid any unnecessary pain.

Tip number two: Get rid of any clutter on your desk

Clutter can be distracting. A messy desk can make it difficult for you to concentrate on your work. It is proven that a messy workstation can cause anxiety. The more mess that builds the less likely you will be able to focus on your work. Organise all the items you will require within easy reach and designate a place for them.

Removing clutter can be cathartic, relieving stress. A clean workspace will help you concentrate on what needs doing so you can produce quality work.

Tip three to a more producive office: Use natural lighting to reduce eye strain

It is important to look after our eyes, especially when staring at a screen all day. Keeping your curtains open, blinds up, and using natural lighting is far better than using your lights. Natural light https://www.nvisioncenters.com/improve-eyesight/light/ will help reduce eye strain and allow you to focus more on your work.

Staring at your screen can also cause strain on your eyes. In some machines, there is the option to put on your ‘night light’ function which creates a warmer light. This is better for your eyes and can help you concentrate and keep your attention and reduce blue light.

Tip four: Take regular breaks

It is important that when we are working to take regular breaks. They do not need to belong but take one at regular intervals. Stepping away from the screen for five minutes can help you to gather your thoughts and refocus. You can avoid burning out by going for a short walk, the movement will help your body to not stiffen. Less screen time is also better for your eyes.

Breaks are also important for your mental health. Forcing yourself to concentrate and work through problems can increase stress. Stepping away from the problem can relax your mind. When you come back you can look upon it with fresh eyes and you may even find a solution.

Tip five: Declutter your office by getting rid of things you don’t need

A clean desk can help you become more productive, but it isn’t very effective if the rest of your office is also cluttered. There will always be things you can get rid of. Old paperwork can be shredded or recycled. Supplies you no longer use can be given away or thrown out. Books you never read do not need to be taking up space. Ensuring you have a tidy office space is essential, otherwise, you can lose focus and as a result, prevent productivity.

As well as decluttering your workspace, it is important to ensure your office is clean. A clean and tidy office will reduce stress and help you to be more efficient at work. You can always hire a professional office cleaning company to help ensure a clean and tidy workspace for a more productive workforce.

Tip Six to a more productive work space: Set up a good filing system

We have all had those days where that one piece of information we need is the one that we just can’t find. A good filing system will save time and make your life so much easier. This will also help reduce clutter around the office space as papers will be put away and filed correctly.

Ensure that your system is easy to follow. This helps to reduce mistakes and people possibly filing things in the wrong place, which can cause more stress. Find a system that works best for your business, whether it be alphabetical, by a client or by date. Whatever works for you, a filing system is essential.

Following these steps will help you to create a more productive workplace. You will increase efficiency and reduce workplace stress. A comfortable, clutter-free office can do wonders for your mental and physical health as well as your work.