7 Advantages To Outsource Your Office Cleaning

Facility managers all over the country are pushed to find the cheapest ways to clean their offices due to tight budgets and the ongoing drive for cost saving. It may be a surprise to learn that one great cost-saving option is to outsource your office cleaning to a commercial cleaning company. In addition to cutting costs, this can also improve the overall quality of cleaning work while reducing your facility’s overall workload. Here are 7 advantages to outsource your office cleaning:

1. The price is right

Choosing to outsource your cleaning will benefit your bottom line in various ways:

  • First is the immediate benefit of a professional cleaning service cutting down cleaning time whilst simultaneously getting more done.
  • Second, an outsourced company will be able to optimally price supplies, equipment and other goods.
  • Finally, you cut down on costs associated with recruitment, training and administration.

2. Improved cleanliness

Another important advantage of outsourcing is the expertise a cleaning company will provide. A good cleaning company focuses solely on the cleaning and maintenance of your facility. Cleaning is the core of their business, and they will do a better job than an in-house wing of your own company. This is because having an in-house cleaning team will be like running a different business within your own primary one. Too much divided attention, and too many divided resources. By bringing in a competitive, professional cleaning service you get great results while focusing on the core elements of your own business. A cleaner working environment can mean healthier staff, with as much as 73% of airborne dust removed from the environment.

3. Added Value of Outsourcing cleaning

A professional cleaning service will take responsibility for acquiring and maintaining their own equipment and supplies. They have the buying power and scope to get great value for every purchase and upgrade. This gives them access to superior products and equipment, all of which deliver efficiency, quality and value to the client.

4. It takes some of the burden off you

Your needs probably shift continuously throughout the year, as most businesses experience peak and down times. A good cleaning company can ramp up and down the allocation of staff to match your changing needs. Furthermore, when your attention really needs to be elsewhere, the cleaning company can keep up its service with minimal disruption to you, giving you the mental space to focus on what’s most important to your business.

5. Cleaning done by people who specialise in cleaning

If you place cleaning responsibility on employees, who were hired for other purposes, you’ll find that lots of the cleaning work goes unfinished and is poorly done. What’s more, there will be employees who are unhappy with being given cleaning responsibilities. This may even be a cause to a high employee turnover rate. This is never efficient for your company’s time or finances. An employee hired for administration work is not interested in cleaning the bathrooms! This could mean a big hit in productivity and staff morale.

6. Liability and insurance costs covered by the outsourced company

As with any industry, cleaning services involve specific liabilities that come with the type of work being done. Being protected against exposure and litigation, becomes an very important matter to take into consideration. When you outsource your office cleaning, this responsibility moves entirely to your cleaning services provider. Make sure you ensure that adequate coverage is involved in the contract – a professional office cleaning company can quickly and easily provide this.

7. You get more than just a cleaner

The most skilled, professional contractors always provide a menu of services that you can access. These extras will include things like carpet cleaning, facilities repair, plumbing and HVAC, all of which can come in handy when you need them. Save yourself the trouble of searching for numerous contractors and get all the work planned, budgeted and executed with a trusted partner.

Most facility managers have very full schedules. Adding office cleaning to all the things that need to be managed is an unnecessary burden. When you hire a cleaning company like Crystal Facilities Management, you get a professional, effective cleaning service that allows you to focus entirely on the areas that need your attention most. Not every company can be the right fit for every facility, but there are very few premises where outsourced cleaning will not be vastly superior to handling it in-house. Let the professionals manage the cleaning so you can manage the things you do best.