8 Amazing Lunch Ideas For The Office

Now that we are returning to the office, it might be time to relook at your lunch. Having worked from home for the past year and a half, many of you have been improvising your lunches. However, now that we are going back you need to start preparing what food you’re going to take in. Here are 8 amazing lunch ideas to inspire you.

1. Lunch Idea to try: Rainbow Salad

After lockdowns, a lot of people will have lost their routines particularly when it comes to exercise. Now that things are slowly returning to normality, people are on a health kick. They want to get back to their fighting-fit selves. This includes a variety of diets and healthy eating. Well, why not add some colour to your working day with a rainbow salad.

By choosing foods from every colour of the rainbow you are actually maximising the number of macronutrients you eat. A rainbow salad can help expand the variety of fruit and vegetables you are eating. It is full of antioxidants, and it is possible for you to chop and change what you use each time. Mix it up. Choose different vegetables, whether cooked or raw, each time. Enjoy a bright, colourful meal to help get you through the rest of the working day.

2. Meal Prep

Preparing your lunch for the next working day is the last thing people want to do after a long and hard day. When you get home, wouldn’t it be nice to just relax without having to worry about what to eat at work? That’s where meal prep can come in useful. Knowing you’ve already prepared everything you need for the working week saves you time. You can relax more and worry less.

Prepare your lunches in advance of the next week so you are all set to go. Then, all you need to do is remember to take it with you when you’re leaving for work.

3. Leftovers

One simple solution for your lunch is to use any leftovers you have. But it can be boring to have the same meal, over and over again. Instead, get creative. Reuse what you have made but make it into something new. An omelette or a sandwich perhaps. Depending on what you have left, there are many options open to you. Flex your creative muscles and think of inventive meals.

4. Healthy Snacks

Some people don’t like to eat a full meal at work for lunch. Are you one? Fear not, because there are plenty of sensible and healthy snack options available to get you through the day.

  • Dried fruits.
  • Nuts.
  • Yoghurts.
  • Cereal bars.
  • Carrot/cucumber sticks and dips.
  • Berries.

And many more!

Drinking plenty of water throughout the day will be enough to quench your thirst. However, for those who want something a bit more flavourful, a healthy fruit smoothie can do the trick.

5. Soup!

Bringing a cup of soup to the office is becoming common practice. People are making their own soups and bringing them in to share with their colleagues. Soup is simple, easy to make and full of flavour. A perfect solution for those of you who prefer something hot to eat on your lunch breaks. A healthy and delicious option that can last multiple meals.

6. Easy to make meals

When coming up with something to eat for lunch, people want quick, simple and easy to make recipes. Nobody has time to create complicated and extravagant meals. There are many options available:

  • A sandwich – ham, cheese, egg, tuna, BLT – sandwiches are the go-to easy to make lunchtime meal.
  • Wraps – tortillas filled with whatever you like as an alternative to a sandwich.
  • Salads – chicken Caesar, Mediterranean style, Cobb salad – get chopping your vegetables and add what you want to make a healthy salad
  • Chilli – vegetarian or meat – a hot, healthy meal that can last you all week.
  • Pasta – tomato sauce and vegetables are all you need to make a fulfilling lunch time meal.
  • Rice – usable as a base in a variety of different dishes, whether a curry or in a rice bowl, a healthy and very filling option.
  • Quinoa – a versatile option that can be eaten with meat, vegetables, fruit, whatever you fancy.
  • Cous-cous – another versatile meal that can be used to combine meats, vegetables, anything.
  • Noodles – with a stir fry, a salad, a soup – an easy to cook choice.
  • Baked Potatoes – add beans, tuna or cheese and have a hot meal for your lunch.

Be creative and add what you like to make simple, healthy, and delicious meals. For detailed recipes check out this great Buzzfeed article.

7. Ditch the vending machines

When you’re craving something to eat it can be easy to just buy something from a vending machine. However, there are so many healthier options. You can create your own healthy meals that are full of the nutrients you need. They will satisfy your cravings and save you money.

Nutritious meals you can have include:

A tuna salad or sandwich – full of omega 3 and packed with protein.

Avocado – make your own guacamole and mash-up avocados to replace mayonnaise or butter full of minerals, vitamins, and fibre.

Falafel – a healthy snack made from chickpeas that you can have with hummus (another healthy dip, also made from chickpeas)

These are only a few options that you can eat to beat your vending machine habits. There are many other healthy foods you can eat and prepare at home into a variety of meals.

8. Lunch idea -Try something different

If you’re bored of the same old sandwich or salad for your lunch. Try something new. There is a whole world of different cuisines available for you to try. It doesn’t have to be every meal, but maybe treat yourself on a Friday after a week of hard work.

Maybe even order a takeaway or if that’s not for you there are some simple recipes you can make from home:

  • Mexican: tortillas or tacos filled with salsa, guacamole, whatever you want – these are versatile meals, and you can use whatever filling you fancy.
  • Greek: salad with feta cheese and olives or halloumi wraps.
  • Chinese: stir fry and spring rolls – healthy options filled with vegetables.
  • Middle Eastern: delicious koftas and kebabs.

There are many different cuisines for you to choose from and you can experiment and make them your own. Of course, once you’re done with lunchtime, make sure to clean up your space and ensure any cutlery used is washed and surfaces wiped clean. Keeping on top of cleaning and tidying the office will not only ensure your office stays clean for longer, but also will make staff more productive.

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