8 Tips To Keep Your Office Flu-Free This Winter

There are many steps you can take to protect your office staff from getting sick through out the winter months. Here are eight tips to keep your office flu-free this winter.

Maintain Regular Cleaning

The first and obvious step, to keep your office flu-free this winter, would be to maintain regular cleaning of your office spaces. Make it part of your daily routine. If you want to keep your office clean, make sure that you do not neglect it. You can clean the office yourself, hire a private cleaner, or a professional office cleaning company. This is because simply staying on top of dirt and grim will ensure that no bacteria or viruses are lurking around.

Disinfect Areas

If people are showing signs of illness, notably flu symptoms, it is vital that they are cleaning up after themselves. You also need to ensure that you are disinfecting their work areas as well. You never want infection within the workplace, so cleaning is essential to prevent any form of transmission of these symptoms.

Provide Cleaning Teams and Equipment

Your cleaning teams need to be provided with disposable washing-up gloves and aprons. These items should be double-bagged, stored securely for 72 hours, and then thrown away with the regular waste, once finished. Following professional protocol is essential to the maintenance of the workplace. By properly disposing of any cleaning equipment, you can completely eliminate the old bacteria in the office. This then creates a clean and comfortable environment.

Surface Cleaning

Surfaces that are frequently touched should be cleaned with warm, soapy water and then disinfected with cleaning products. The office is a hectic and busy environment. If there are a lot of people working in the same condensed space, then surfaces will be repeatedly touched. They need to receive additional care and attention to help prevent the spread of bacteria. Constant cleaning of surfaces with warm, soapy water and then disinfectants, you eradicate the germs that grow throughout the day.


When cleaning areas contaminated by someone with COVID-19, your cleaning teams need to be wearing personal protective equipment (PPE). PPE is an essential part of protecting yourself from coronavirus. Using this protocol is no different when cleaning the workplace, since it may be hazardous for the cleaning staff that may have been previously contaminated. COVID can live on surfaces for a few days, so the risk is always there. It is vital that your employees stay protected with the right equipment such as aprons and face shields.

Recycled Paper Towels

Replacing hand dryers for recycled paper towels lower the chance of passing on viruses. Eliminating touch is a significant way of reducing the spread of bacteria in the office. By using individual paper towels, you ensure that everyone is protecting themselves. Using a hand dryer is a lot less hygienic. Everyone will be using the same machine, which becomes a touchpoint and risks spreading more bacteria. Allowing people to discard of their own towels creates a safer space and prevents interaction with the same items.

Maintaining a Clean Shared Space

The next tip to to make sure you regularly clean any shared spaces after each use. You can place hand sanitisers nearby so users can use it before and after for example sitting at a shared desk. Small things can make a world of difference. Implementing little details like hand sanitisers throughout, you put in place a safety-conscious environment. It is also up to the individual to take control of their safety. You must work as a team to ensure that the office is clean.

A Continuous Cleaning Program

A continuous cleaning program is the best way to fight any viruses and keep everyone safe and flu-free. Consistency is key especially in the case of maintaining cleanliness within the workplace. The pandemic has made so many once comfortable environments an uncomfortable place to be in. By ensuring that the office is a safe place then many will feel comforted to return. During multiple lockdowns, it became the norm to work from home. By promoting regular office cleaning you will give employees the means to return safely and happily.