Steps To Cleaning Blood And Bodily Fluids

Steps To Cleaning Blood And Bodily Fluids

Blood and body fluids are everywhere in hospitals, clinics and surgeries, and spillages are expected. However, accidents can happen in the workplace, and you need to ensure you have appropriate measures in place. This enables you to take care of the spill quickly and efficiently.

Healthy diet, healthy results

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Exam season is upon us once more, complete with all of the strains and pressures synonymous with this stressful time. Students roll onto campus bleary eyed from late night cramming, keeping fingers tightly crossed that their revision notes correspond with the questions they will encounter on the exam papers.

Mental Health Matters

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It’s not every day that you come away from an event and feel physically moved from what you have learned, but this is exactly how we have felt in the aftermath of University Mental Health Day. Having had the privilege of speaking to students, staff and mental health professionals about their experiences dealing with mental health in the University environment we were shocked at how many people are affected by the ‘invisible illness’ on a daily basis.

University Mental Health Day

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University Mental Health Day is possibly one of the most important dates on the student calendar and so we were delighted to be able to contribute to this year’s events.

Until recent years mental health was rarely discussed, or even considered in the University setting. Students were finding themselves suffering in silence, too embarrassed to seek help and not really knowing where to turn even if they plucked up the courage to ask.

Mindfulness Benefits

Take a breath, with Crystal Facilities Management In the wake of University Mental Health Day, Tanya Rogers our Sales Director talked to University Business about measures that students can take to manage the demands of university life through mindfulness which could improve their mental wellbeing. She explained how people can assume that a students life is easy, with an … Read more