How to Clean Student Accommodation in 2021

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It is important for accommodation buildings to provide a comfortable and clean living environment for new tenants. Regular cleaning is even more essential in 2021 as we emerge from the recent pandemic.

How do you clean a Student house?

How do you clean a Student house? Here are the perfect steps to follow

Cleaning a student house can be daunting especially if you have never cleaned before! Here is some useful step by step cleaning tips that can help you stay on top of your day to day accommodation cleaning.

10 Top Cleaning Tips for Students


University is a time for enjoying a little independence, for taking charge, and for doing your own thing away from the watchful eye of Mum and Dad… and that includes cleaning! Read on if you are looking for top cleaning tips for students!

Investing in student buildings from the ground up

She explained that Crystal’s involvement with student accommodation often begins during the initial building stage. In line with the building schedule, Crystal Facilities Management carries out full-build cleans at three key stages:

Wellbeing of Students

She explained the excitement of entering into the whole new world known as ‘Student Life’ especially when it involves moving away from home and experiencing first time independence. The first few weeks of term are literally jam packed with new opportunities, new friends to make and new challenges, and as a result, the time flies by in a whirl of new activities.

Comfortable Student Living

Accommodation plays a great part in how quickly and easily students settle into University life. Having a safe, homely living space can prove to be a complete godsend, especially for those in their first year who are still getting accustomed to campus life.