Cleaning up after Brexit

Well if anyone thinks Brexit is going to be “not that bad” and that everyone’s just jockeying for position I must admit that I’m struggling to see how it can be anything other than disruptive to say the least.

It’s hard for me to see how, in the relatively near future, it could be positive. You’re looking at a significant reduction in trade, commerce and for however long , a period of adaptation to new rules, arrangements and regulations.

The economy of Greenland, which quit in 1985, is almost entirely based on fishing and is not considered a good model for the UK. Even so Dr Monique EBell a trade expert at the NIESR (National Institute of Economic and Social Research) estimates “Britain’s trade with the EU would tumble by 59% under a hard Brexit.

Having said that a sugar manufacturer will save £30,000,000.00 in reduced EU tariffs – so they are delighted! But they are in the minority and aren’t we trying to reduce sugar use?

As long as we maintain full access to the single market all will, I think, be fine…..but what’s the chances? Well some think quite high as the Chinese costs of manufacturing are increasing and the possibilities of creating new manufacturing plants in mainland Europe become more attractive ,as more raw material tariffs will be imposed upon UK based manufacturing forcing them to relocate. And that’s bad for the UK job market and therefore bad for the Government.

The major issue, for a lot of people, is the freedom of movement, something the PM is saying she will not protect until those UK expats are given the requisite assurances.

There’s a long way to go, but one thing is certain – Crystal will still be here to clean up when it’s all over.

Michael BurkeManaging Director

Crystal Facilities Management