Comfortable Student Living

Happy on the inside, happy on the outside.

Why a comfortable living environment gives students their best chance of success

Our Sales Director, Tanya Rogers, talked to the University Business magazine about the importance of making student accommodation feel like a home to ease the transition into University life.

Accommodation plays a great part in how quickly and easily students settle into University life. Having a safe, homely living space can prove to be a complete godsend, especially for those in their first year who are still getting accustomed to campus life.

The new academic year comes complete with many different emotions, everything from excitement to trepidation to even downright dread! It’s not surprising really, considering how entering into University life inevitably means students are being forced to step out of their comfort zones. Whether it’s through starting a challenging new course, having to forge brand new friendships, moving out of home or in the case of many students, moving to a completely new city, saying goodbye to the good old comfort zone is undoubtedly pretty daunting.

It is easy to see that if a student is unhappy with their living conditions, that could have a negative knock-on effect on the rest of their University experience. Equally, if a student is happy and satisfied in their accommodation there is an increased likelihood that they would have a more confident and positive approach to student life, and ultimately their studies. So how do you ensure that students are falling into the latter category?

This is where Crystal Facilities Management can help. With over ten years experience providing specialist cleaning services to Universities our team are used to dealing with the challenges that come hand in hand with student accommodation.

To find out what Tanya had to say check out the rest of the article on the University Business website here.