What is the difference between domestic and commercial cleaning?

Most people do not realise there is a difference between domestic and commercial cleaning. They both share a lot in common, however, there are still notable differences between the two.

What is domestic cleaning?

Domestic cleaning is a service that is usually paid by the hour. Domestic cleaning can take place daily, weekly, fortnightly or on a monthly basis by experienced and friendly maids. The use of this service is generally within a domestic setting, such as a house or apartment.

What is commercial cleaning?

Commercial cleaning is cleaning carried out by a commercial cleaning company. Which is a business that employs trained cleaners who use specialist technology and equipment to clean commercial buildings, office cleans, student accommodation cleaning, school cleans, healthcare cleans and any other commercial setting.

Cleaning is important in every aspect of our lives. It can help prevent the spread of disease, improve hygiene, and generally make someone feel good. There are many different types of cleaning- the most common types being domestic and commercial cleaning. There are various differences between the two and these include:

  • The cleaning processess
  • The cleaning materials used
  • The person/man power used in each case
  • The areas covered by each type of clean
  • The kind of training involved
  • Cleaning standards

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The Cleaning Process:

This is one of the key differences between domestic and commercial cleaning.

Domestic cleaning involves the use of simple and specific tasks. On the other hand, in commercial cleaning, the tasks are particular and usually more complicated.

Commercial cleaning also requires cleaners to meet the expectations of specific local health and safety standards. Most businesses have their own unique procedures which means the cleaning process will be different from one business to another.

Cleaning Materials:

Another difference between domestic and commercial cleaning is the materials and products used.

Commercial cleaning is usually larger scale than domestic cleaning; using more powerful tools. Domestic cleaners need smaller, simpler devices that will fit into the smaller areas.

Commercial cleaners use more robust, industrial-grade tools to help them cover a larger area. More people use these areas so we use cleaning chemicals. This kills pathogens and reduces the spread of infectious diseases. There are tools, specifically made, that can meet these needs for any commercial or industrial setting.

The Person Responsible And Man Power:

In commercial cleaning, businesses will either have their own in-house cleaners, or they choose to hire commercial cleaning experts https://crystalservices.uk.com/commercial-cleaning/. These experts are more efficient and will work outside office hours, in the evenings and overnight. Domestic cleaning is lead by the homeowner. They, or a family member, will often clean themselves. However, if they don’t have the time, there is the option of professional residential cleaners. Domestic cleaning also only requires one person, whereas commercial cleaning can be a huge job, requiring multiple cleaners.

Coverage Area:

Domestic cleaning is used in homes. Commercial cleaning is used in larger areas. An example is business premises. Commercial cleaning is also on a larger scale due to the number of people that use the building. The corporate activities that take place require cleaning services more regularly than at home. Sometimes specialist equipment is also needed to cover the larger businesses. Something that would never be necessary for domestic cleaning.


Training is needed for both types of cleaning. CEOs may feel more comfortable if they can see certifications https://www.issa.com/certification-standards. These can tell you how well trained a cleaner is for carrying out a job. They will also need to receive training on machinery. However, in domestic cleaning, extensive credentials are not necessary. It is based on their professional experience, background, reviews etc. Freelance workers can also work as domestic cleaners with the right passion, skillset, and knowledge.

Cleaning Standards:

One more difference between domestic and commercial cleaning is their standards. In domestic cleaning, homeowners set their own standards, making domestic cleaning simpler, easier, and quicker. Business owners should set their own health and safety standards and have a hygiene policy in place. This will not only help create a happier, more organised workplace, but will create a good impression with clients. Adhering to standards set helps keep not only employees safe but clients too. This allows businesses to build strong customer relationships and thrive.