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    Quality healthcare cleaning to hospitals, GP surgeries, dentists and a range of medical centres throughout the UK - 54 sites across the UK and counting!

    Healthcare Cleaning Specialists

    Crystal Facilities Management is an approved supplier to the NHS and we support cleaning to many trusts across the UK.

    We take pride in what we do and we have helped our healthcare customers achieve the highest standards.

    From daily area cleaning to specialist disinfection cleaning – we help prevent and reduce any risks of infection.

    We also provide cleaning services to GP Surgeries and Dental Clinics working with them to sanitise and disinfect treatment rooms and equipment.

    All our cleaning staff are fully vetted and trained to standard BICS. Furthermore, they are supervised by supervisors who are qualified in BICS clinical standards of hygiene.  

    Our cleaning operatives will work to your exact requirements ensuring best practice with focus on cross-contamination.

    •  All staff are supplied with suitable PPE and follow wash your hands protocol.
    • All our chemicals are supplied by accredited suppliers supported by COSHH assessments for every product we use.

    Our focus is to work inline with clinical standards and train our teams to achieve the highest cleaning quality.


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      We Promise You

      We are able to promise the following benefits to working with us;

      • All BICS standard trained cleaning teams
      • Regular monitoring and audits by a trained Supervisor
      • Regular communication and reporting
      • Competitive quote
      • Colour coding & COSHH focused
      • 24 hrs response

      Contact us today for a free quote on any cleaning services we can help you with.

      Our healthcare Cleaning Includes:

      →Thorough cleaning which effectively gets rid of impurities, germs or dirt from surfaces and objects. We use soap or detergent with water to remove germs from your hospital, clinic or surgery. Although this process does not kill germs, it removes them so the risk of infection being spread is lowered significantly.

      → Effective disinfecting which eliminates germs from all surfaces treated. This process uses chemicals to eliminate germs after surfaces have been cleaned first. Once more, this lowers the chance of infections spreading.

      → Hygienic sanitisation which brings the number of germs down to a safer level (as per Public Health Standards). Our thorough cleaning and disinfection service is ideal for any hospital,  clinic or GP surgery in the UK who wish to achieve high standards of hygiene.

      Our services are fully compliant with the Care Quality Commission's National Specifications for Cleanliness.

      This means we can:

      ✓ Assist providers in reducing the risk of infection as they treat patients.

      ✓  Provide an excellent framework to organise cleaning services professionally.

      ✓ Ensure that any relevant documentation gets raised to prove medical processes are being properly managed.

      ✓ Emphasise effective cleaning is everyone’s responsibility.

      crystal cleaner wiping down hospital surfaces to prevent infection

      Why Choose Us As Your Cleaning Provider?

        • Over 10 years of experience in delivering exceptional healthcare cleaning services in London but also on a national scale.
        • Have a portfolio of happy clients already, including medical organisations.
        • Extensive experience in shaping our service delivery to reflect the needs of our clients, both micro-businesses to large hospital trusts.
        • Can offer ultra-quick response times within 24 hours.
        • ISO 9001 accredited for our Quality Management System, which means you can be confident in receiving superior service.
        • ISO 14001 accredited for our Environmental Policy, which ensures that you can entrust the cleaning of your office to us without worrying about environmental ramification resulting from our service.
        • From compliance with Health and Safety, COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) to product sourcing and ownership of  required tasks, we will have you covered.

      Get in touch today for a free no obligation quote. 

      Virus Containment Cleaning

      We clean for Pandemics and new outbreaks and we carry out extensive research, training and advice from health authorities to help contain and eliminate any virus using techniques of sanitising and disinfection control

      In any suspected case we will usually seal off the infected area to carry out surface cleaning including the air in room to effectively eliminate the virus. Timing is critical to flag and speed in responding to a case and preparation and PPE is paramount when dealing with any viral outbreak. Our specialist teams have been trained to deal with this outbreak and are led by an experienced Manager. The process is strictly implemented for preparation and RAMS are specifically designed to address all H&S rules and all RAMS will be provided in support for any cleans. We are fully aware of the response times and are working to take bookings out of hours to respond to the virus outbreak.

      Methods we use to carry out the cleaning;

      Disinfection Cleaning

      Due to the risks associated with the cleaning of areas potentially infected with the COVID-2019/ Coronavirus, special health and safety and cleaning procedures and practices must be adhered to. These procedures and practices are primarily to keep all operatives safe as well as protecting the public and preventing and reducing the spread of the disease. A fully decontamination clean in suspected and confirmed areas to cover any areas of exposure is given disinfection wipe down using electrostatic and fogging equipment and steam machines

      Fogging Chemical

      Wet fogging produces a fine mist, the biocide particles in the mist or fog are so small that they remain suspended in the air long enough to kill airborne viruses and bacteria. The biocide also eliminates pathogen on surfaces including ceilings and walls as well as furniture and floors.

      Results are immediate and benefits are potentially significant and long lasting.


      This is the process of adding an electrical charge to the liquid droplets when they are sprayed. When you spray a solution that is properly charged with electrostatics, the solution will envelop the targeted object to provide an even 360 coating, adhering to hidden and shadowed areas, with no runs or drips on vertical surfaces, delivering rapid and effective disinfection to all surfaces and areas.

      Biocontainment Cleaning

      We understand that an outbreak has the potential to damage any healthcare organisation, we work closely with health care management teams to eliminate the problem in the most discreet way. Our Cleaning teams work flexibly, at weekends, and at night, in order to reduce the impact that the decontamination process has on stakeholders in the healthcare facility in terms of image and interruption of daily activities. Our goal is to work around you and deliver a fast and efficient process that provides you with peace of mind.

      Our healthcare deep cleans are extremely thorough. They involve chemical cleaning agents and a strategic, planned process that ensures no cross-contamination of areas.

      We Carry out;

      • High cleaning
      • Equipping cleaning
      • Fabric cleaning
      • Wall cleaning
      • Cleaning behind radiators
      • Cleaning floors
      • Cleaning privacy curtains
      • Cleaning furniture

      We will assist you to develop a plan to mitigate any risks and work out a structured hygiene plan that runs throughout the course of the year to keep your facility clean.

      Deep Cleaning

      We are Specialists in Deep Cleaning and use the latest equipment to carry out extensive deep cleans ensuring primary areas of hygiene are supported, we offer an appropriate level of deep cleaning across all levels.

      Our methods of Deep cleaning involves a controlled and structured clean that is more thorough and detailed than a standard clean. We specialise in ensuring that everything in an environment is cleaned and that no contamination is moved between dirty and clean areas through the process.

      The deep cleaning process includes cleaning behind radiators and fitments, high cleaning, cleaning equipment, floor scrubbing, cleaning beds, wall washing, cleaning vents/grilles, cleaning soft furnishings, window washing, cleaning kitchens, de-cluttering and cleaning cupboards and storage spaces, cleaning doors and door furniture, cleaning entrances and public areas and facilities, and cleaning light fittings.

      As we carry out a deep clean, we move through a step-by-step procedure ensuring a logical process is followed. We use the appropriate level of cleaning agent for each area, creating a clean environment, with a reduced presence of micro-organisms.

      GP Surgeries & Dental Practices

      We provide cleaning services to GP Surgeries that are tailored to individual needs – whatever the size or location. From daily cleaning to daytime cleaning, deep periodical cleans to carpet and upholstery, sanitising of surgery areas, cleaning – we offer a complete cleaning solution.

      Crystal Facilities Management provide daily cleaning and one-off clinical cleaning services.

      We will ensure cleaning is done to the appropriate standards for infection control, as well as protecting patients and staff in your workplace. It also ensures patient confidence in the service provided by the premises. We will provide evidence of compliance with risk assessments and regular auditing, we provide a dedicated Supervisor as a single point of contact to ensure continuity of cleaning service.

      Our GP surgery cleaners are locally based to ensure speedy response times and are fully vetted. We pride ourselves on our reliable and conscientious cleaning staff, who take full accountability for site service delivery.

      Your GP Surgery or Health Centre will be cleaned by industry trained cleaners, with many years of experience. Our surgery cleaners are adaptable and forward-thinking and as so, always able to offer alternative solutions. We also hold a locally managed team of operatives for emergency cover.

      Our GP Surgery cleaning services include:

      • Daily cleaning
      • Commercial carpet cleaning
      • Hard floor cleaning and polishing
      • Wash-room cleaning and hygiene supplies
      • Deep cleaning
      • Upholstery cleaning
      • Litter picking
      • Window cleaning
      • Grounds maintenance


      What prices do you charge?

      Our services are completely tailored to your needs and hence our prices differ depending on the size and scale. Get in touch and we will provide a free quote today.

      Do we need to be present when the cleaning is carried out?

      No, all of our staff are fully trained in working alone and our accreditations will ensure that all standards of quality and safety will be delivered.

      What areas do you provide cleaning in?

      We provide commercial cleaning in London and also all areas up and down the country.

      What cleaning equipment do you use?

      We only use the highest quality of products and equipment to ensure that all services are delivered to an optimum standard.

      Have any questions you would like to ask?

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      We provide a range of comprehensive facilities management services tailored to suit your needs. 

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        We provide a range of comprehensive facilities management services tailored to suit your needs. 

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