How to Clean Student Accommodation in 2021

Regular Cleaning:

 For a lot of people, moving into a student room is the first time someone has left their family home. It is important for accommodation buildings to provide a comfortable and clean living environment for new tenants. Regular cleaning is even more essential in 2021 as we emerge from the recent pandemic. Frequently vacuuming, dust and wiping down all communal areas, stairways, and corridors should be a routine activity. This can help make a student’s experience better and encourage them to keep their own room tidy.

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Deep Cleaning:

Deep cleaning student accommodation buildings are important. When students are moving in, they want their university rooms to be somewhere they can call home. This is where student accommodation building owners come in. Deep cleaning each student accommodation thoroughly before the arrivals of new tents. They do this by either privately hiring a cleaner or reaching out to a professional cleaning company. The benefits of expert student accommodation cleaning can include:

  • Carpet washing
  • Upholstery cleaning
  •  Showerhead descaling
  • Spot removal
  • Appliance sanitation

A thorough and effectively deep clean will guarantee a positive experience for new students. This can better their university experience and they will start to think of their new accommodation as home.

Making Your Student Room A Home:

 Moving into a new place can be daunting for anyone, particularly if it is your first time. However, there are a few things that you can do to help clean student accommodation and make the place feel a bit more homely:

  1. Unpack – just unpacking your belongings will already help make your new room feel like yours.
  2. Rearrange the room – most student rooms follow a simple plan. Putting your own spin on this is a great way to make yourself at home.
  3. Personal touches – adding your own personal touch to the decorations. For example, you can put up some posters/pictures on the wall. Add new cushions and bedding. Put up some fairy lights. Add anything that will make it feel like your space. Make the room somewhere you’d be comfortable for the next academic year.
  4. Cleaning – this is probably the most important thing. Your student home will have been deep cleaned; however, dust and mess can build up quickly. Ensuring you have a rota, a system in place to make sure everyone does their part. You don’t want the mess to pile up, whether it be dirty dishes or a filthy bathroom. A perfect student home should be clean and tidy.

Keeping Your Student Room Clean:

It isn’t a secret that a lot of young people are not the tidiest. That is why it is vital to find the best ways to keep your student accommodation clean. As stated above, a cleaning rota is a great starting point to make sure everyone gets involved. In 2021, lots of students are unsure about what they are doing, what’s going to happen, due to the pandemic.

To keep everyone safe and comfortable, student accommodations must be kept clean.

How to clean student accommodation? These are the areas of a student house share that can get dirty quickly are:

  • Bathrooms – these rooms can easily get a build-up of mould. Leaving the window open while you shower, and the door open afterwards allows for regular airflow to help prevent this. Make sure the floor isn’t always wet and wipe down the toilet and the sink to keep your bathroom fresh. Also, always wipe down the shower, or bath and ensure that all hair is cleaned up.
  • Kitchen Countertops – not everyone likes to wash up straight away. This can lead to lots of dirty dishes, pots and pans piling up, especially if there is no dishwasher. Make sure you have enough washing up liquid and put a rota into place to make sure everyone is happy. You don’t want mould to start growing on any leftover food! So keeping on top of this will definitely lead to a happy and comfortable living environment. It will also keep counter space available for meal prep.
  • Fridges – sometimes, we can overbuy food, or our parents will give us too much. This can lead to fridges becoming full very quickly. We also can sometimes forget about the food we’ve bought. It’s important to remember to throw out food you are not going to use before it starts to go off. Wipe down fridge shelves regularly, this can prevent an unpleasant smell from the building.
  • Microwaves – it is not uncommon for students to forget to clean the microwave. Shared microwaves can become dirty very quickly, especially if everyone is using them every day. What you shouldn’t do is leave it for another day. Wiping it down often and ensuring no food waste is left behind can prevent bacteria from building up.

Following these simple tips will help keep your student accommodation, clean, tidy and a happier environment for all.

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