Reasons Hiring Security Services

What does security mean to you and your business?

This day and age calls for people to take security very seriously. As unemployment rises so does crime rates, not to mention the more recent yet ever present terror threats. This makes it important for businesses to consider hiring a professional security guard to help protect and secure their businesses and assets.

If you are still on the fence about whether or not hiring a security guard is right for your business, consider the following benefits.

First Impression for your business

The role of the security guard has changed a lot over the years, once upon a time security would be the go to career for thuggish, muscle bound monsters with not a lot between the ears except the lust for a scrap and a bit of cash in hand on the weekends.

In more recent times a security guard is vital to keeping your assets safe, but also they will be the first and last impression for your visitors on the type of person you are and how your business is run.


Having a uniformed security guard observing your business is a definite deterrent for crime. Thieves are likely to think twice about targeting a business that has uniformed protection. Professional guards are trained to be on the look out for any suspicious activities.

A few years ago, the department of homeland security in the United States,  conducted a study to find out whether security cameras prevented crime. They concluded that cameras do deter crime, so long as people believed there was someone watching on the other end. Same goes for security guards. As long as they are visible and on the look out, they are a strong deterrent for any criminal activity.

It’s pretty simple really. If someone is thinking about committing a crime, they would definitely be inclined to go into a premises with lots of aisles and only one staff member behind a counter, rather than a premises that has a surveillance system in place and a security guard. It goes the same, whether the criminal is a newbie or a professional, as in both cases criminals don’t want to deal with more obstacles than they have to in order to get the job done. So the more security your business has in place, the less appealing it will be for criminals.

Customer service

This brings me on to customer service – how important is good customer service? When I think of security I think about the time when I was in Bournemouth with my wife on a freezing cold November evening. I had treated her to a weekend away for her birthday and we were on a night out, she looked absolutely stunning in the dress she wore and as the night drew to a close we found ourselves outside, freezing cold and waiting for a cab. At this point one of the door staff came out and put his hand on my shoulder and asked me if we would like to wait in the entrance of the club in the warm (even though they were not letting any more people in). This man saw customers in need even after they had left and his small gesture made all the difference and stays with me 9 years on.

It works both ways – people like to help people as well as be helped. In my own career in security, the times I have gone above and beyond to help people stick with me, the thank you cards I’ve received from families I have helped from finding lost children to assisting broken down vehicles make the job worthwhile.

To conclude…

Lets be honest, security is fairly easy to get into and even though the industry was regulated it seems these days that getting an SIA licence is as easy as signing on at the job centre.

So what does security mean to you and your business?

If like most people you want someone who will go above and beyond, someone who takes pride in the service they offer, someone who shows total respect to all – then please help us not to let this industry slip back into the unregulated days of old.

We at Crystal Facilities Management aim to only provide these kinds of operatives to our clients through our vigorous recruitment and management process. The trick is after finding the right candidate, to then make the employee feel valued and a part of something bigger.

If you would like to join us on this journey then please contact us and ask for Eren Stirling, for a free site visit and no obligation quote.

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This post was written by Eren Stirling, Business Development Manager at CrystalFacilities Management