7 Steps To Disinfect Your Student Accommodation

7 Steps To Disinfect Your Student Accommodation

We’re washing our hands now more than we ever have done before – but that will have little effect if you’re harbouring germs in other places.

Rightly or wrongly, student accommodation has something of a reputation for leaving a lot to be desired in the hygiene stakes! Read on for our tips for raising your sanitation game.

Universities, and in particular student accommodation, can be a breeding ground for germs and bugs can spread like wild-fire, with lots of people getting together from all corners of the country – and beyond.

With lots of partying hard and less focus on self-care, it’s easy to see why so many people get sick. Help yourself by keeping your room and your shared spaces spick and span.

1. Know what you’re up against

Every day is a school day, learning the difference between cleaning, sanitising and disinfecting is an important lesson. And you’ll need to tidy up before you can start any of them!

Cleaning removes dirt or germs from surfaces, but it doesn’t necessarily kill them. Nevertheless, cleaning is worth doing because by removing germs, you’re able to reduce the risk of the infection spreading.

Sanitising reduces the germ count to such a level considered ‘safe’ by public health guidelines. It can also lower the chances of infection spread, and does that by either cleaning or disinfecting.

Disinfection goes further than cleaning because it actually kills the germs on surfaces, but you need a combination of disinfecting and cleaning to kill and remove germs. It’s a key lesson for students of any subject.

2. Prioritise disinfection cleaning on ‘high traffic’ surfaces

Spend a bit of extra time cleaning the things that people touch most if you want to limit the risk of spreading germs.

We’re talking door handles, light switches, furniture, and not just kitchen worktops.

The TV remote is a prime example of something everyone touches regularly, but few think about when it comes to antiviral cleaning.

As a rule, tackle anything that is visibly dirty immediately. That could be vacuuming or wiping surfaces with anti-bacterial detergents.

Common spillages in student houses are wine and ink and Good Housekeeping has some top tips for getting rid of some of the more common student stain problems.

3. Know your products

If a job is worth doing, it’s worth doing properly!

When it comes to cleaning and disinfecting, that means having the right products for the job and using them correctly.

Read the labels so you know how to use the products properly, how to store them, and what to do if something goes wrong, like a skin reaction.

Shared kitchens in student accommodation can be contentious areas so you might prefer to keep your products separately.

4. Play it safe

People using cleaning, disinfecting or sanitising chemicals commercially will often wear gloves.

A trusty pair of marigolds do not make much of a student fashion statement but they can make a big difference.

The Spruce explains why dishwashing gloves are just as important in a student kitchen as any other. Keep them in with your own cleaning kit and you’ll make sure you have them to hand when you need them.

5. Watch your waste

Check the local council’s guidelines on waste collection and recycling as what happens in your student town might be very different from what goes on at home.

Get the whole household involved, and be sure to wash hands carefully after cleaning or dealing with the rubbish.

Soap and warm water are always the best for cleaning hands.

6. Routine Operation

Sadly, clean surfaces don’t stay clean for very long, so make regular disinfection a thing.

Do it regularly and it becomes a habit that you won’t even realise you’re doing.

Make sure everyone is pulling their weight – draw up a rota with your flatmates if you have to – because leaving it all to the same person all the time won’t last long.

7. Declutter

Contrary to popular belief, living in squalor is not a prerequisite for students.

While cleaning is important, it is very difficult if your student digs are full to the rafters with stuff.

Declutter and make it easier to clean, but also give yourself space to think; tidy room, tidy mind, which is more conducive to effective study.

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