Wellbeing of Students

Home is where the heart is

Why a clean, comfortable living environment can enhance student wellbeing

Our Sales Director, Tanya Rogers, talked to the University Business magazine about how a well maintained living space can help promote student wellbeing, making them feel settled and at home in their university accommodation.

She explained the excitement of entering into the whole new world known as ‘Student Life’ especially when it involves moving away from home and experiencing first time independence. The first few weeks of term are literally jam packed with new opportunities, new friends to make and new challenges, and as a result, the time flies by in a whirl of new activities.

Once the chaos of Fresher’s Week has passed students begin to settle into their new life. Aside from balancing the increasing study demands of a new course with extra curriculum activities, many students also have to squeeze in some part time work to help fund the numerous social opportunities that go hand in hand with student living.

For many students, this can be a very worrying and emotionally unsettling time, when reality kicks in and with it the realisation that they are a long way from home. Suddenly the term seems endless, with the Christmas break appearing as a small twinkly light at the end of a very long tunnel. Unsurprisingly, this is a prime time for homesickness to start to creep in. For students to miss their families and their comfortable rooms back home.

Whilst homesickness is often unavoidable, there are ways to help ease it.

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